Krížová Ves

Krížová Ves

The event “My word, my voice”

May 30, 2015

Presentation of the project "Education - Assumption of the change"

A part of action "My word - my voice", organized with aim to present the project  

"Education - Assumption of the change" in Krížová Ves, was a friendly football match between pupils of the secondary school and selection of local residents. M. A. Stanislav Eleniuk prepared the whole event in advance, so pupils of our secondary school had already prepared soccer jerseys with the inscription: The Private secondary school in Kežmarok.

Our secondary school was represented by players from 3A class, with the captain Július Polhoš. The match was played on the soccer field of Elementary school in Krížová Ves. The meeting took place in a friendly spirit, fair play, numerous domestic spectators passionately supported their community, but the final score of the match was 6 : 2 in favor of the student team of our secondary school. We hope that this victory will be followed by others - at sports stadiums, but also in classrooms...

After a successful sporting competition our students exchanged their jerseys for costumes and athletes, along with their classmates, started another "match " - this time in the cultural field. A few moments to gasp as the audience filled the space of the Community center in Krížová Ves and the program begin.

Before the official part of event has started, a time for an informal meeting with the audience remains. Hall is full of children and young people, all are curious and want to meet with performers. There is also a space for eager dancers...

Cooperation with authorities at the local level was without problems thanks to personal engagement and commitment of students coming directly from Krížová Ves as for example student Mário Horváth from 3A class who ensured cooperation between local authorities and our Deputy Director. Thanks to him and thanks to his classmate, Peter Hangurbadžo, hall was filled with spectators, and M. A. Stanislav Eleniuk have presented the project in front of a full auditorium...

 Presentation of the project is a key moment of a whole event. M. A. Eleniuk explained the essence of the project "Education – Assumption of the change" and its relation to the educational process at the Private secondary school in Kežmarok. He tries to stimulate the interest of young students in studying at the secondary school and then in college. Students of our school are clear evidence that a higher form of study can be accessible and attractive to everybody, including Roma from segregated and remote locations.

 A moment of concentration before a start, the last tuning of musical instruments and an event can start.

 The hall is full, the audience is eagerly watching dancers creations, letting themselves be carried away by  music, there were some who couldn`t resist and join performers.





Deputy Director, M. A. Helena Akimová, pays tribute to the students for a presentation of a program. A chaplain, Karol Križian, who live and work in Krížová Ves, is enthusiastically thanking to students of the Private secondary school for their performance. 

M. A. Dušan Klempár records the whole event with using of the tablet.

The presentation took place without problems, sports and cultural part of the program met with a great acclaim from the local residents. Locals from the village consisted an extremely sophisticated and receptive audience, passionately watched the program and applauded. For all participants, spectators and performers, the event was a beautiful experience with an interesting idea and a strong message that they will not soon forget.