Liptovský Mikuláš


Súkromné gymnázium

Slavkovská 19, Kežmarok

tel.: 052 45 22 705   


P O  Z  V  Á N K A


Pozývame svojich priaznivcov, obyvateľov rómskej osady Hlboké a občanov mesta Liptovský Mikuláš, na kultúrno-spoločenské podujatie

„Moje slovo, môj hlas“,

ktoré v rámci aktivít projektu

Vzdelanie - predpoklad zmeny

realizuje Súkromné gymnázium, Slavkovská 19, Kežmarok

Podujatie sa uskutoční  18. decembra 2014 o 11. hodine,  v priestoroch Liptovskej galérie

       Petra Michala Bohúňa (LGPMB) v Liptovskom Mikuláši



1. Predstavy a realita: ako zlepšiť kvalitu života občanov v osade Hlboké a spolunažívanie s majoritou

2. Kultúrny program: hrajú, spievajú a tancujú študenti gymnázia a členovia súboru   

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Pozvanie prijali pedagógovia a žiaci ZŠ Aurela Stodolu v Liptovskom Mikuláši a obyvatelia osady Hlboké          


Projekt škola realizuje s podporou Finančného mechanizmu  EHP a Nórskeho kráľovstva                


Liptovský Mikuláš

The event “My word, my voice”

December 18, 2014

Presentation of the project "Education - Assumption of the change"


Presentation in Liptovský Mikuláš was dedicated to pupils of  Aurel Stodola Elementary School and to residents of suburban Roma settlement Hlboké. Pupils of local school initially presented their cultural program consisting of traditional and modern dance and then followed the presentation of students of the Private secondary school in Kežmarok.



Performances of students of the Private secondary school in Kežmarok were appreciated by the audience. Pupils gained applause and audience asked for allowances. The age range of students was from 10 to 18 years. A few older individuals apparently didn`t have experiences with visiting of cultural events and destroyed the artistic experience to others. Interventions are addressed also to these cases and we calm down these older individuals by a playful, humorous form. This way we also provided an example of how to deal with similar situations and how to involve individuals who can`t behave culturally.  

 Finally was everything all right and everyone could have valuable artistic and social experience.

When we were leaving the area in which we have performed our program, people from audience came to us to say goodbye, the children asked autograms, girls exchanged phone numbers and e-mail address. 

Except for one case. A local young man about 16-17 years old, accused one of our students of something bad about him published on the social network and wanted to deal with immediately, in place, by battle. Local teachers couldn`t solve the situation quickly and distract their students away. Because of the apparent aggressiveness of that  young man we wanted to avoid the direct confrontation, I hold this young man and Deputy Director, M. A. Helena Akimová urgently evacuated students to the bus. We didn`t call the police, but we didn`t have far from that. I tried to establish a dialogue with the young person and his peers, but boy was obstinate. At the same time I was taking him the opposite direction, away from our pupils. Finally he calm down along with his cronies and we agreed that it was all useless and scandalized the image of Roma in the public eye...because of one stupid boy.

We also discussed the situation with our students. Immediately after boarding the bus, while it was still hot, we searched for causes and results of similar situations. Why one individual can brought down the whole situation and reverse the public opinion to the detriment of Roma?! Roma must take action when such cases arise and solve their problems. But no by fights and violence. Only by the education and intelligence they could be able to move forward and elevate their communities and the society. They must be involved in public matters and give their potential to good things. They have to work on themselves and they have to work for their community. They have to go to school and learn. They have to be an example for others.