P  O  Z  V  Á  N  K  A

Pozývame svojich priaznivcov, obyvateľov mesta Podolínec, na 2 kultúrno-spoločenské podujatia

„Moje slovo, môj hlas“,

ktoré v rámci aktivít projektu

Vzdelanie - predpoklad zmeny

realizuje Súkromné gymnázium, Slavkovská 19, Kežmarok

Podujatia sa uskutočnia  31. marca  o 9:30 hodine, a o 10:30 hodine  v priestoroch Základnej školy v Podolínci    


1. Prezentácia programu

2. Kultúrny program   

3. Diskusia

Projekt škola realizuje s podporou Finančného mechanizmu  EHP a Nórskeho kráľovstva  



The event “My word, my voice”

March 31, 2015

Presentation of the project "Education - Assumption of the change"

Presentation of the project is the work of the entire student art ensemble. Its members are conscientiously preparing individual events and each presentation is an opportunity to apply knowledge and skills that pupils acquired during the artistic drills on the public. The social aspect of the event, cultural awareness for young people, places increased demands on the team, and the school management and teachers are personally active during the event and this way they maximized its efficiency.                

M. A. Helena Akimova is giving last instructions before the show.

Ivan Akimov firstly presented a musical component.

M. A. Stanislav Eleniuk presents the essential features of the project. Viewers – pupils of the elementary school in Podolínec and their teachers listen about project and are interested in the different phases of the project.
Ivan Akimov, responsible for the artistic process of project, acquaints viewers with context and links to culture and with the environment in which live students of Private secondary school in Kežmarok.
Long, demanding artistic drills, carried out regularly during a free time in the afternoon in the classes of our private secondary school, bear fruit. Performance is dynamic, fresh and captivating, students can immediately win the hearts of young people and old viewers.

The production is gaining on intensity and the choreography is enriched by acrobatic parts.

Demonstration of the modern dance as linking of the past with the present, final word of the head of artistic ensemble - Ivan Akimov and words of teacher from the Private secondary school in Kežmarok - M. A. Stanislav Eleniuk stimulates discussion and answers to the questions from the audience.

Social and educational aspect of the event is the main outline of the entire event. Before loading costumes and instruments on the bus, spaces of school changing room must be returned to their original state, so that guests can see that there have performed a responsible young people, students of the secondary school.
After returning in the afternoon, in spaces of the secondary school, took place a discussion and evaluation of the whole event "My word - my voice." Besides artistic aspects of the event, a social and educational impact of the whole intervention was highlighted.

Roma showed in the positive way what they are able to do and they find out, that they are able to gain the respect and recognition among their peers but also among adult viewers. But still they need to continue working on themselves and they need to learn in school as well as in extracurricular activities.


Photo and video documentation of the whole event were made ​​by M. A. Dušan Klempár. 

M. A.  Božena Tomková was responsible for a school supervision.


Fotogaléria: Podolínec