For years we prepare students for further studies at universities. Percentage of graduates in the entrance exams to universities is almost foolproof. Parents are regularly informed of the progress of pupils in classroom training meetings and consultations with the individuals who teach. Good and open communication with parents is one of the main goals of the school. School is maximally open to all comments and suggestions from parents. We therefore welcome personal communication at all levels of school, because without mutual communication it is not possible to achive the improving of the educational process. A quality education is essential for a successful career.

The admission procedure

In this section you will find all information about the conditions of admission to our school. By submitting your application to the actual dates of the admission procedure for the current year.


We are trying to create conditions for the free development of each individual, we respect their individuality, we promote creative initiative. Our goal is to educate a young person recognizing the fundamental moral principles.