Assumption of the Change

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Program SK04 

Local and regional initiatives to reduce national inequalities and promote social inclusion : 

     „Education of Roma, 

on Roma 

and for Roma“




The project is co-financed by  

the Financial mechanism of EHP 


The Norway Kingdom

and by the 

State budget of the Slovak Republic


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Aim of the project:

The goal of the project is to increase the educational level of the Roma minority in area of Spiš region by initiatives reinforcing anti-discrimination measures for groups which are threatened by social and economic exclusion. 


Localization of the project:

The Prešov region is one of the Slovakia regions with the lowest standard of living and the highest level of unemployment. 

The district of Kežmarok and city of Kežmarok, where the school resides, has the highest rate of Roma minority in Slovakia.

The biggest group of unemployeed citizens in Slovakia are Roma people with low or none education.

Although there are several high schools in the city of Kežmarok, none of them provides education for Roma pupils in their own language. These students are also very rarely allowed to study graduation disciplines

Levels of education and quality of education are the most important reasons why the founder of the Private secondary school opened the school in Kežmarok. This way he  gave a chance to Roma candidates interested in education to obtain education that would allow them to apply for universities and get such a qualification that would give them chance in the labor market.


The outcome of the project:

The concrete outcome of the project will be a textbook of Roma language and a textbook of Roma realities. In past, there was a national project solved in Slovakia that developed curriculums for Roma language and Roma realities for elementary and secondary schools. However, these subjects were not implemented into educational programs. The textbooks and other materials that were the outcomes of the project did not make it to the schools at all. Therefore, within the frame of the project Education – Assumption of the Change, our school will create textbooks of Roma language and Roma realities and in this way it will create better possibilities for studying. These materials would serve not only in our school, but in other educational institutions as well.


Progress of the project:

During the duration of a project, the teachers and students will organize at least 8 socio-cultural events at school and at the communities from which the students come. There they will meet with local authorities, representatives of the village, church, school and Roma activists and together they will search for the space for active cooperation. This way they will reduce interethnic tension that affects the quality of life of both sides. Experiences from last years indicate that the students, who have coped with their ethnicity, have overcome the syndrome of social inferiority. They have finally understood that identity also brings positive perception of the world and it is a value that allows building of a positive interethnic atmosphere and better quality of life of Slovak society on the basis of equality and partnership.


Activities of the project:

We will realise single activities of the project in surrounding villages. Main contractors of the project will be students of the Private secondary school in Kežmarok led by their teachers. We will document all actions on this page, in subhead PROJECT , so we are looking forward as you will watch us and comment our activities.                             

Contractors of the project




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