Kesaj Tchave, that`s not only the happiness to watch them, 

it`s simply a shock, because everything they do is beautiful. 

They have crazy rhythm, we ask ourselves how long can they  last it…but they last! 

Show which they offer us is long, but we aren`t bored even for a second. 

They are perfect cure for the greyness and sadness of this world. 

After we watch them, we feel like we fell in love and we never want to leave them. 

Everybody should watch them, everybody should feel better after watching them!

Alexander Romanes, The director of Cirque Romanes, Paris, France 2009





is the name of a gypsy faith that says that in order to receive love, you have to know to donate it before, and „Tchave“ in gypsy language means: children. With this, all is said. The rest goes through the songs and dances of these young Gypsies.

Kesaj Tchave is a miracle. A gypsy miracle proving that succes is possible, right where everything is made to fail fatally. But each show is nothing more than a battle won in the fight for life. Fight against the world, against yours, against others, against all those who are not convinced that the gypsy life can be free of doom...

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