Fairy Kesaj


A original fairy tale about the Fairy Kesaj paraphrased by J. Húževka

A long time ago, one Roma family lived. Father, mother and daughter . Daughter was called Darja. Darja was cheerful young girl who didn`t care about anything. Father and mother sometimes exhorted her to heed to this and that , because they were feared for her. One day Darja asked her father what would have happened to her if she looked into a flash. Father warned her: „Never look into a flash, because the light of a flash is so powerful that it makes you blind!“ But the thing that should not happen happened! Darja ignored the warning and command of her father. She looked into a huge lightning ... and ... she really went blind . She lost her eyesight. It was truly regretting and lamenting! But no one can help her. Darja was desperate and her parents were desperate too. She becomes an unhappy, teary, angry, sour- hearted and closed girl.

Cheerfulness of mind and heart was gone.

Helpless and despair father beg for help:

"Kesaj, you good romany fairy, you - our dear Fairy, tell me, tell me what to do, how can we help her?"

"Make looms for her and teach her to make laces, ribbons, hair bows. Your daughter must learn to be helpful. She must learn to work. Work makes the heart of a man noble, because a man creates and receives a consideration – a salary. And salary makes him happy and responsible to others and to himself. "

Now, elated father listened to wise advice, he made looms and learned Darja to work on looms. Cheerless, grim, eternally grumpy Darja becomes a happy, joyful girl who knew to weave so good, that all of the settlement and with them also Romas from other villages, came to look at her because the rumor about her went all around the world. "Even though she is blind, " they said, "she makes so beautifully colored laces and ribbons." Some girls envied her when she said to them that she doesn`t need to worry about colors, because her fingers know colors and besides fingers especially the heart, from which she waves the piece to laces, ribbons. And she was happy and cheerful and she sang at work as she used to do it before, when she danced lightly on the meadow with her friends. But now she worked and sang for joy that she is working. She received a reward for it, so she could also help her parents.

One day a woman came into the house. She has brought a huge skein and said :

"I have listened about you dear Darja. Indeed, I saw ribbons, which you made for girls, but also straps, which you waved for men working in the fields. Nice, beautiful work. That's why I came to your house, because I want from you to make a ribbon for me."

"Okay, I'll make it for you with a pleasure." Said Darja. "But you have too many fibers for only one ribbon."

"I know! This ribbon have to be long. Very long. Work with fiber until it is depleted. I will come in seven days to take a ribbon. "

Seven days later a young swain came to Darja and said that his wife send him to her. He took the ribbon and said to Darja that for the reward she must come alone.

"But I don`t see, I`m blind," said Darja .

"Who makes such beautiful things, isn`t blind." Replied the swain. "But when you doesn`t get it yet, here you have the end of lace. When the clock strikes twelve hours, begin to twist cord, which leads you safely to my lady!"

And Darja have done what he said to her. Cord, which she woved and wounded led her safely to the magnificent palace, where the Good romany fairy Kesaj sat on the throne.

"Welcome, Darja. So there you are. I was waiting for you. I'm a fairy Kesaj. I have many treasures. You can choose anything. Gold, jewelry, wonderful horses, carriages. Whatever you want."

"I don`t need gold or jewelry or horses or carriages. I feel that it's good to make people happy and to make people happy is my greatest joy. Neither gold, diamonds, horses, carriages can`t give this joy to my heart. If you can help me to get a sight, because with sight I can do more good for those who live around me."

"You perfectly mastered the task. From the carefree girl who was not interested in anything, you have changed to a beautiful, wise and noble-minded woman who feels and sees by the heart. Because you have learned to work you have become a responsible and brave woman who deserves to get her sight back. Let your will be done. From now you will see also with your eyes again, not just with your heart. Go my dear Darja and do even more good wherever it is necessary and where people need help. "

And Darja, now having an eyesight, is leaving the palace. And she truly does her best and helped wherever was poverty and deprivation, because her heart was full of love and willingness to give.



Let this beautiful fairy tale,
of which Fairy Kesaj speaks to you,
become a motto in your life.
Create, work hard
and wave the cord of your life ,
which leads from ignorance to the radiant light of knowledge
a conscious feeling for the meaning of human existence
on this Earth.

Edith Bartková and Anna Koptová

The Foundation Good Romany Fairy Kesaj

The founder of the Private secondary school