About us

The Private secondary school in Kežmarok provides general secondary education.

The school prepares students for further studies at universities.

It also prepares for work in government, culture and other fields.

The school is open for all candidates interested in education, it is also focused on providing suitable educational and studying conditions for young people, who come from the environment with low standard of living and poor social and economic safety.

It is trying to address Roma pupils with positive approach to studying and provide them with education in their mother tongue.


The purpose of the school is to educate students according to approved pedagogic documents and valid regulations in these programmes:


1. 8- years educational programme - secondary school

2. 4- years educational programme – general secondary school


Most of our graduates continue their studies at universities in many different studying programmes, some of them continue their studies at higher vocational schools.   

Those, who start to work directly, succeed thanks to their ability to positively receive new impulses and permanently educate themselves.

According to requirements of present and future practice we focuse on teaching of important foreign languages, information technologies and natural sciences.

We practice individual approach up to the necessary extent, and we do our best so that students get enough knowledge and develop their ability to act and think independently – so that they would become enterprising and flexible.


If you have any further questions, please don`t hesitate to contact us.