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Sunday, October 19, 2014


The cops shot the attacking dog in the settlement Mašličkovo


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Kežmarok September 17 (MECEM) - with remarkable novelty in the newsroom Roma media center (MECEM) announced artistic director of the ensemble canker sore causes Kesaj Tchave of Kežmarku, Ivan Akimov. As stated, 29 and 30 October this year, will perform in the Paris Olympia. "We are programmed as the first part of the concert of the French group Les Ogres de Barback, canker sore causes as popularly said we pregroup them," says Akimov.

OLYMPIA OLYMPIA is true of all concert halls, and even "predskákanie" at this stage is for each artistic element incident, and a great honor. "The concert is the culmination of our long collaboration with the group" canker sore causes Les Ogres de Barback ", with which we have already experienced the common Medziosadové festivals, we were together in Zenith de Paris (7000 seats) and we recorded a joint track on their CD, Pitt'Ochat, which are Manu Chao, Anne Sylvestre, etc.., "Akimov appointed.

This programming is in his words, was confirmed only recently, so they have no other, only to mobilize all forces, canker sore causes contacts, acquaintances, friends, fans and supporters to their feet quickly concert cord to cover travel costs. "We do not work under the sponsorship funds to pay travel expenses can always provide yourself through our concerts. And they are trying to equip as possible, even at the last moment than now. In that sense we can truly practice confirm the existence of miracles, just that you never know in advance how it all turns out ... in miracles to believe in, after their execution. So go for it, we have some contacts canker sore causes and to Belgium, it is not excluded that this time go north route, stop in Brussels and then down to Paris ... "appointed.

Their path and performance will document the Franco-German Arte TV company. The members of the ensemble are mostly students of private schools with Romani language in Kežmarku. "We have 4 classes, canker sore causes 70 students, and not always favorably inclined fellow citizens, so we can not afford the smallest mistake ..." says Akimov. Prospective sponsors and supporters of another character can speak to mail.

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The cops shot the attacking dog in the settlement Mašličkovo

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