Etudes Tsiganes

Etudes Tsiganes

2007/3-4 (n° 31-32)

  • Pages : 178
  • DOI : 10.3917/tsig.031.0092
  • Éditeur : FNASAT

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Príspevok publikovany v Revue des Etudes Tsiganes, č. 41 - 42, 1 a 2 trimester 2010

This issue reports on various European initiatives carried out in France, Romania and Slovakia. Although their pluralistic nature calls for action, there is still no justification for any kind of generalisation. On the other hand, by collecting first-hand accounts from Roma and Travellers from a variety of different backgrounds, this issue records some truly alarming living conditions in Europe. It combines practical work in the field with scientific viewpoints ont the informal knowledge of the Roma and Travellers and deals with the issues surrounding education and training.
Talking about his work with the Slovakian Kesaj Tchave association, Ivan Akimov tells us that "it's simply about giving people the resources to adopt this open-minded outlook, [...] which might one day [...] allow these children to decide on their own futures, to make informed choices because, at least once in their lives, they will have experienced what life is like amongst the majority - body and soul." This issue underlines the commitment of the people taking part in these projects, their humanitarian ideas and the power of the questions they raise. We feel sure that you will find it extremely interesting.


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