Veľká Lomnica


We arrived in Veľká Lomnica sometime in the autumn of 2007. It was immediately after moving of most of the members of the group from Kežmarok to Veľký Krtíš, so we were looking for another candidates. In Lomnica was a group Loli roklica, but the musicians were not interested in anything other than "What for it..." (it means: How much can you give us for play?). It was evening, I didn´t know anyone in the village, when I suddenly heard how somewhere someone is playing. It was at Dušan, and the next day we were already with him at full lineup, with local we were maybe 30, small, large, elderly, newborns, just wide surroundings, neighbors, relatives, enthusiasts... and after a few days we had to look for an alternative solution in the space above the village pub where Loli roklica prepared their performances. 


It was truly "heroic" times. We found ourselves without a car, the police took my driving license and we were only reliant on public transport. The frost, minus 15 to 20, the bus doesn´t come...but then visitors from France, Richard and Julie,   helped us and in their mobile-home, dressed for transporting three individuals, didn´t hesitate to load 30 passengers and this way they provided a full contingent at artistic trials in Kežmarok. Thus began the story of Lomnica. 


Actually, the story of Dušan, with his children, Duško, Perla, Erik, with Čonkovci, with Janka, Joana... etc. The story has been very intense. After all these years (2007 - 2014) artistic trials were on average five times a week and international tours an average of five times a year. Children who were with us from an early age had a chance to explore a world that is both inaccessible to ordinary people, foreign countries, sea, ocean, big and small scenes, an immense amount of new people, experiences, discoveries, love, recognition… Nowadays they are great musicians, dancers, singers. But the  story is not over yet. Now life itself indicates where it all succeeds...


A main part of the initial development in Veľká Lomnica is also captured in the section... A star is born.

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